Aaron Benanav

Harper-Schmidt Fellow
Co-Chair, Society of Fellows
Collegiate Asst. Professor, Social Sciences
Affiliate Faculty, History Department
The University of Chicago

My research concerns the 19th- and 20th-century history of capitalism in Europe and the wider world. I focus on times when massive social changes, rising out of the economy, spill out of the control of policymakers and engender movements for reform and revolution. I am particularly interested in the high-tide of social democratic programs in the post-WWII era, as well as the limits those programs encountered in later decades when unemployment, rising inequality, and deep economic crises made dramatic returns to the world stage.

Currently, I am completing a book titled A Global History of Unemployment, since 1949, which is under advance contract with Verso. This book details the troubled history of unemployment as a conceptual framework and key statistic for measuring worklessness in the world economy.

Book Abstract (PDF)